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2021 Design Forecast - Aesthetically Pleasing Organization

We’re happy to throw 2020 out the window and are more than eager to welcome 2021 into our life! At the beginning of each year we are always super excited to forecast the design trends that we expect to see in renovations and new builds alike. We can all agree that 2020 completely changed many things, but one of those things is how we see our spaces, how we design them and how we use them. Whether it be our bedrooms or even a whole home makeover, 2020 gave insights to homeowners on how they felt their spaces should feel, especially after spending quite some time in said spaces. Based off of the past year, we’re excited to give you a look inside our design forecast for 2021!

Be honest, how many times did you organize your bedroom closet, then your kitchen cabinets, onto your linen closet and finally back to your bedroom closet? If you’re anything like us, we became amazing organizers over the past year. We all love to see less clutter in our lived-in spaces, but we don’t always have the solution to put away the mess in an aesthetically pleasing way. After doing some research online, we gained some inspiration on how we can put things away, but keep it pleasing to the eye.

Storage containers like the ones above are perfect for a space where you may not be able to put everything behind closed doors. The texture and color options are endless and will fit into almost any space. Labels also add a nice touch to make items that used to be a pain to find, easier to locate. Another thing we live for in this closet is the space for our client's beautiful footwear collection, almost being displayed like colorful artwork.

Another place where storage is super important is the heart of the home, the kitchen! Finding places for those extra tupperware lids, or those pesky pots and pans that don't fit into one another can be all but easy at times, but thanks to designers and cabinet makers alike, cabinet storage solutions, as well as pantry designs, keep getting better. Spice racks are integrated in drawers that may otherwise have been wasted space and cabinet depth is well thought out in order to ensure every square-inch of space is easily accessible. Adding organization in a pantry is a MUST. Clear plastic containers like the ones used here make everything clearly visible and easy to grab, while also creating something so pleasing to the eye.


So whether you're looking for a way to store your shoe collection, your late night snacks or your children's toys, we're ready to help you design a space that has all those perfect, aesthetically pleasing hiding spots. Contact us today!


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